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project 1

Visualizing your experience

life is so uncertain that you cant even imagine. You have to pass it by giving every piece of your effort. your are happy sometimes ,sometimes numb and most of the time sad. But it keeps on going, never stop. Different people see it through different angle and that is totally ok because your thoughts are the reflection of your experiences, what you speak actually is the sound of your soul, that could be good or bad, and you keeps on going.

But the quest of learning is something else. Sometimes you want to try…

Positive reflection for Amal journey

Honestly speaking i never though of writing positive reflection as a part of my project work when i joined Amal academy but now i realized it is important to show your journey in any experience at every stage.

I have been friendly and helpful to the peoples who reach out to me and i tried my best to give my best and also everone helped me when i needed , I never been shy but asking for help is something else than gup shup and chit chat But now I feel like I’ve been changed…

group learning

group members Mega project task ( group learning )

  1. Shanzay Akram

2. Salman Shahid

task assigned :take pictures and videos of pets till Monday

3. Mehwish

task assigned :try to contact different organizations working foe the rights for promotion and suggestion

4.Ibrar Hussain

task assigned : research for help line members in different cities till Friday


task assigned :find the best and easy way of planting till Tuesday


task assigned :create face book and Instagram page till Monday

7. Mahnoor

task assigned : make a problem statement for general public till Monday

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is time management technique method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.Te technique uses a timer to break down work in intervals , traditionally 25 minutes in length ,separated by short breaks .

Steps of Pomodoro technique:

The technique has following steps

  1. identify your task for the day
  2. set a timer for 30 minutes
  3. work for the duration of the times
  4. take a five minutes break
  5. After every fourth break, take a break of 15–30 minutes

The goal is to over come time management or to over come procrastination…

Reflection on Amal totkys

There are five tips or totky given by amal that make a road towards success . They are described as follows

  1. self talk
  2. get out of your comfort zone
  3. create new habits
  4. fake it till you make it
  5. ask people help


The FAO defines it as a “situation that exists when people lack secure access to sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development , and active and healthy life”

Hunger in scenario in Pakistan:

The majority of the poverty stricken Pakistani population seldom dines on meat and only the wealthy can afford to eat lamb , mutton ,beef , chicken or fish .According to the world food program , 43 % of pakistan’s population faces insecurity .Of this number,18% people in Pakistan severely lack access to food .Pakistan ranked 106 out of 119 countries on…

Over Population :

the birth rate and death rate are significantly different in Pakistan. Pakistan is facing many problems in which over population has a separate place as a major issue, because Pakistan is a developing country .

As united Nation reported that Pakistan’s population will rise up to 400 millions by 2050.

Causes of over population:

major factors responsible for high population growth in Pakistan are high fertility , low awareness ,poverty ,illiteracy especially of women ,son preference ,high unmet need of family planning etc.

Effects of over population:

more people means an increased demand for food, water, housing…

just your goal

the first goal that i want to achieve even before my graduation is that i want to go abroad for my M.phil otherwise ph.d

i have not taken any initiative for that because currently i am studying and working a bit on my English language and proficiency that is one of the basic need to get foreign scholarship

Right after my B.S I intend to prepare ILETS so that i can move one step forward towards my goal

for now I just watch English subtitled movies to get vocabulary and songs that is easy and not time bound for me

I hope to get more initiatives after my graduation to get my aim fulfill

solution to the conflict

i will tell him (saad) about the Islamic point of view in education which recently found on internet that states “it is compulsory on every muslim to get education “(Tabarani)

“Rasool Allah gad fixed a separate day of the week to teach the muslim women when he would advise them and teach the commands of shariah”(saheeh Bukhari)

I will also tell him that Islam provides a woman with right to vote or participation in political affairs .women can be in leadership too.

Fixing stuff around yourself (project 1)

I was sitting in my room when i observed some stuff that was scattered.

I observed that my charger , pointers, marker, Register ,moisturizer and pillow were scattered and totally occupied the sitting place at my bed.

They were not at their exact places and it was very irritating for me, i think everything holds a place and it should be at it everytime when not used.

I took them to place at their appropriate places so I can clean my sitting place and to make them pleasant at their places i did it…

Shanzay Akram


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