Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is time management technique method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.Te technique uses a timer to break down work in intervals , traditionally 25 minutes in length ,separated by short breaks .

Steps of Pomodoro technique:

The technique has following steps

  1. identify your task for the day
  2. set a timer for 30 minutes
  3. work for the duration of the times
  4. take a five minutes break
  5. After every fourth break, take a break of 15–30 minutes

Goal of the technique :

The goal is to over come time management or to over come procrastination .

Eat that frog means :

we use a term eat that frog with the Pomodoro technique , it means that we are going to finish our work no matter what the distraction is . Eating frog means you just have to do it. Today i have implemented the technique on my routine work and i have eaten that frog

My implementation of Pomodoro technique :

For this purpose i have to read my mid term book chapter that was so difficult and recommended by the teacher essentially .I was thinking of reading that book from very long ,so to know the validity of this technique I picked up that chapter and started.

1.Set the alarm for 25 minutes:

I just start by setting 25 minutes alarm and studied hard .

2.work until timer beep:

I just kept studying for the next 25 minutes until alarm rings .

3. short break:

I took a short break for a while.

4. Repeated the cycle :

to complete my work I have to do it 3–4 times .

5.My source of procrastination( distraction)


surrounding voices

what’s app messages

all social apps

Benefit of doing it:

I found I could experience more focus and attention by applying this technique on daily basis

Learning :

on the whole it was a good experience and I learned a lot about time management